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The award will be presented to finalists in May of each year, and is sponsored by Definity Partners, a process, leadership, and training consulting firm. This award is hosted in memory of Mike Stilwell, a fearless frontline leader at work and at home.

The frontline leaders will be selected based on these primary criteria: composure, empathy, respect, humility, open-mindedness, caring, excellence and leads by example.

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Nominations for the Fearless Frontline Leader Award are being accepted for 2015.

To nominate a frontline leader, please submit the following information to Rich Cary at

  1. Nominee Name & Company
  2. Your Name & phone number
  3. Reason why you are submitting this frontline leader

If you have any questions, please reach out to Rich Cary at

Rules and Guidelines

The nominee must be a Frontline leader or supervisor that has high expectations for their team, is caring, dedicated, and has high integrity. This leader helps others achieve what they thought was impossible.

Nominations will be collected through March 31, 2015. Following the nomination process the winners will be selected in April and the award announced in early May. The award will be evaluated based on the criteria outlined on the Award Criteria Page.